Protecting Your Castle From Pests

Protecting Your Castle From Pests

Get The Mouse Out Of The House!
Birds Shouldn’t Rule Your Roost!

Castle Pest Management Delivers Effective Bird and Rodent Control From Start To Finish

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Castle Pest Management performs humane and effective pigeon and bird control. Effective bird control needs to be done by experienced professionals with a track record of success. Bird droppings create an unsafe environment for your employees and customers. Bird droppings also carry a continued expense of needing to be cleaned. Pigeons on your business can affect your image and for some, that is just something they can not afford.

Control Techniques

To keep birds off your property we use many different tools and methods. Once, we perform a free inspection on your property and depending on the level of activity we will provide you with a custom recommendation and estimate. This will include the best method(s) to keep the pigeons, starlings, sparrows, or seagulls off your property.

We Professionally Install These Products:

  • Live trapping
  • Bird Spike Stainless Steel or Unbreakable UV Protected Polycarbonate
  • Jolt/Shock track gives birds a shock to modify their roosting habits
  • Bird Net eliminates birds access to nesting/roosting areas
  • Bird Wire is a low profile solution for bird roosting
  • We have many more effective bird control products call for a free estimate

Castle Shield Rodent Services

Mouse droppings in your kitchen cupboards might be considered one of life’s little surprises but it’s certainly not a pleasant one. Nothing about mice or rats is pleasing in our opinion. Too many times we’ve seen what rodent activity can do to homes and businesses. Physical damage from gnawing on building materials and electrical wires to health risks such as Hantavirus spread by droppings are very real threats when rodents invade. At Castle Pest Management, we are ready to help eliminate these destructive pests and keep them out!

When you contact Castle Pest Management for rodent control, you can expect an expertly trained technician to come to your home or business who understands rodent behavior and feeding habits. They will build a customized Integrated Pest Management Program for your home or business, to eliminate rodent activity. Our rodent control service includes:


A thorough inspection of the house, business, or building(s) to detect if rodent activity is present, and identify any conditions that are conducive to rodents.  We’ll check behind appliances, under kitchen cabinets, and other areas where rodents or evidence of rodents are likely to be found.

Population Control

After the inspection, the first step in the rodent elimination process focuses on controlling the population already established in the dwelling or facility.  This is often accomplished by setting up mechanical rodent control devices.

Determine Points Of Entry

The technician will find out how and where rodents are getting in and then implement an exclusion plan that effectively stops these pests from entering.  If the exclusion work required is beyond Castle’s capability, we’ll explain what needs to be done to fix the problem.

Rodent Monitoring

To keep rodents out of homes and businesses, Castle will set up bait stations primarily on the exterior of the structure where mice and rats are likely to travel.  Rodents enter the bait stations, consume the bait, and are eliminated.


We’ll review our findings and make recommendations on how to make your property less appealing to rodents.  For example, we’ll point out harborages (places where pests seek shelter) and what to do to eliminate those hiding spots.  We’ll also discuss good sanitation practices that remove the resources pests need to survive and reproduce.

Staff Education

In addition to our rodent control program for commercial facilities, Castle Pest Management offers employee training to help business owners and managers keep their facilities rodent-free in the long run.

Don’t Let Rodents Take Over Your Home Or Business

If you’re worried about rodents in your space, contact Castle Pest Management to discuss your situation, pricing, and available warranties.  Available for one-time rodent control services or as an ongoing service, either way, our team is ready to help!

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