Protecting Your Castle From Pests

Protecting Your Castle From Pests

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Termites Cause Millions In The Central Valley Property Damage Every Year!

Termites are a wood-destroying insect that causes extensive structural damage to homes and businesses in the Central Valley and throughout the country.  Each year billions of dollars of property damage are attributed to termite infestations. Yet, by the time most people realize they have a problem, it’s too late!

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If you’re concerned about termite or have discovered termite damage, contact Castle Pest Management. Our team of pros are certified and are trained in termite habits and biology, and provide the most effective termite control in the Central Valley!

Our Commercial Termite Control Service Offerings

Termite Inspections (Non-Real Estate Transactions)

If you suspect termites are active or you’ve discovered termite damage, contact Castle Pest Management to schedule your termite inspection report, also known as a “wood-destroying pests and organism inspection report.” Your Castle Pest Management Termite inspector will evaluate the interior and exterior of your structure to identify conducive conditions for wood-destroying pests and organisms, where these insects are coming from, and if termite damage is present and if so, how severe. We’ll report our findings and provide you with termite control and/or other wood-destroying pests and organisms control estimate which includes information on how we’ll treat, where we’ll treat, repairs estimate, warranty, and the cost.

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Comprehensive Termite Inspection Reports

Castle Pest Management’s comprehensive wood-destroying pests and organism inspection reports cover all sections of termite activity.

  • All active termite infestations at the time of the termite inspection
  • All potential findings that are conducive to a future termite infestation
  • Areas that are unable to be accessed and cannot be inspected for termites
  • All other findings not caused by wood-destroying pests

Your termite inspector will be looking for all types of wood-destroying organisms and termites

Subterranean termites move through mud tubes known as “shelter tubes” which protect them from predators. Your License-To-Kill termite technician will thoroughly inspect your garage, attic, and other areas for these tubes and other evidence of Subterranean termite activity. Subterranean termites live in the ground and come up to feed on the wood in your home. It is necessary to treat access points throughout the home where the subterranean termites can enter. Many times, front porches, garages, and other areas that have cement need to be drilled and injected with termiticides underneath the cement slabs to provide successful termite control. These treatments place a barrier of protection in the soil around the foundation of your structure. When termites cross it, they pick up the termiticide on their bodies and spread it to other termites, eventually eliminating the entire colony. Liquid termite treatments come with a three-year warranty. This warranty is renewable and transferable.

Drywood termites swarm into the home, creating new colonies. If your structure has an infestation of Drywood termites, your termite inspector will see evidence of wings, boring dust, fecal pellets (termite droppings), or termite galleries during the inspection. We treat for Drywood termites in several ways; fumigation, localized “spot” treatments, and wood replacement. Liquid termite treatments come with a three-year warranty.

There are two different kinds of fungus that all termite inspectors look for. When wood has become infected with fungus or dry rot, it must be removed immediately. Care must also be taken to ensure the source of moisture is sealed to prevent further leaks. If left alone, the excess moisture and weakened wood provide a perfect entry point for a colony of termites.

Both true and false Powder Post beetles will leave holes and other damage in wood. We treat wood-boring beetles in a variety of ways depending on the severity of the infestation; whole structure fumigation, local “spot” treatments, and/or wood replacement.

When soil is even with or above the concrete foundation of the structure, concealing the pest infestations, fungal infections, or dry rot. A flash wall or re-grading of the soil should help to prevent termite infestations.

When wood directly contacts soil, the wood decays rapidly. Timber to soil contact conceals termite infestations and causes dry rot and fungal infections. Typically, the wood will need to be replaced – or at the very least, the soil re-graded.

Any type of paper trash, leaves, wood branches, firewood, cardboard, etc. left under or around the home will encourage termites to feed there. Removal of these items will decrease the chances of infestation.


In addition to treating or fumigating your termites, we can perform repairs related to termite damage or other wood-destroying organisms like dry rot. Dry rot and fungus damaged wood are a termite’s playground, so let us help you get them out and keep them out!

Castle Shield Control, Warranty, & Prevention Programs

The only thing worse than a termite invasion is finding out the pests have come back after you have eliminated them. You can avoid that situation by taking advantage of our warranty and prevention program Castle Shield.

If you spot any termites after we have applied the treatment and don’t know what to do, just call us. We will return to the building to ensure that each termite is gone. Available for subterranean and drywood termites, our warranty program is the perfect way to protect your business against termite activity over the long term. It includes an annual limited inspection. If we find termites, we’ll spot treat the areas where they are active.

Protecting Your Central Valley Property From Costly Termite Damage!

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and in the case of termites, that is true. Castle Pest Management provides the termite control services you need to make sure your home or business does not have an active termite infestation and helps ensure one does not occur in the future. If you suspect termites are active in your home or business or wish to take preventative action, contact us today to schedule your termite inspection.

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