Protecting Your Castle From Pests

Protecting Your Castle From Pests

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What are black widow spiders?

Like all species of spiders, black widow spiders are arachnids. They are a beneficial pest because they feed on and help to control populations of nuisance insects. You can identify a black widow spider by its glossy, black body and legs, and a unique reddish-orange hourglass-like shape on the belly. They also have eight legs, eight eyes arranged in two rows of four, and a comb foot (a row of curved bristles located on the hind pair of legs) that allows them to wrap their prey in silk.

Are black widow spiders dangerous?

Yes, black widow spiders are one of the few species of dangerous spiders living in the United States. They have venom that is strong enough to affect the central nervous system of a person after being on the receiving end of a bite. Although you should always take great care around and never provoke a black widow, know that with proper medical treatment, the symptoms are usually easy to manage.

Why do I have a black widow spider problem?

Black widow spiders are in your yard because it is offering them plenty of prey to hunt. Properties with gardens, shrubs, trees, and grass often have an abundant supply of insects and therefore spiders hunting them. Black widow spiders also choose properties that offer them a variety of safe, secluded shelter to hide in and build their ground-level webs. Also, black widow spiders are most active when the weather is above 70 degrees. When the weather outside is cooler, these spiders seek warmer conditions, sometimes choosing to live in our homes and garages.

Where will I find black widow spiders?

Black widow spiders prefer locations that are dry to build their webs. Outside they often build them under stones, shrubs, decks, and woodpiles. They also like to place them in structures like sheds, barns, and coops. Inside homes, black widow spiders hide in dark, quiet locations like basements, dry crawlspaces, and under furniture.

How do I get rid of black widow spiders?

The best way to get rid of black widow spiders in your yard or home and prevent them from returning is to partner with Castle Pest Management. Our experienced professionals and modern services provide home and business owners with peace of mind knowing that their pest problems will be solved once and for all. If you are looking to get rid of dangerous black widow spiders from your property with the help of dedicated, local professionals, reach out to Castle Pest Management today!

How can I prevent black widow spiders in the future?

For homeowners who want to protect their homes from black widow spiders, partner with Castle Pest Management and use the following prevention tips:

  • Remove fallen trees, excess woodpiles, and other clutter from your yard where black widow spiders can hide.
  • If possible, place garden areas away from the sides of your home.
  • Inside your home, keep storage areas free of debris and clutter to give these spiders fewer places to hide.
  • Eliminate entry points into your house. Use a caulk gun to seal cracks in the foundation and exterior walls, replace worn screens, and place mesh covers over vents.

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